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Below is a selection of commonly asked-for information, as well as information we need in order to provide consultation.

Basic Information:

  • The highest efficiency of the panels can be reached when they point to the
    south in a 10 - 15 degree angle.
  • Surface area needed is 7 square meter per KW peak 
  • Dimension of our current panels (260 Watt Jinko panels) is 992 mm x 1650 mm
  • Weight of the panels is 18,5 kg
  • 1 KW peak produces around 3,5 KW per day (in the year average)
  • Avoid shadow on the panels
  • The return of investment is around 5 years for grid systems
  • Panels and mounting structures have a 10 year warranty (25 years performance 80%)
  • Inverters have a 5 year warranty

Information we need:

  • How much roof top space is available
  • What kind of roof is it (flat roof or not, structure, type of surface material, etc)
  • What kind of electrical system you have (2 phase or 3 phase, 230 Volts or 400 Volts)
  • How much you pay per KW (important for ROI simulation)
  • Your actual electricity bill
  • Your consumption in daytime (8am - 5pm)

We can provide grid tied systems, off grid systems as well as hybrid systems, depending on the location, the availability of electricity, brownout situation or special customer wishes. Grid tied systems cover your daytime consumption. Perfect for facilities that use energy at daytime when the electricity is produced, like restaurants, bars, schools, offices etc.

If we know your electricity consumption during the day, we will be able to design a system that suits your individual needs best.

A major benefit of utilising a Solar Power System, is that it can grow with you. As your power needs increase, you can simply add more capacity to your existing system.

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