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Semper Green Energy, Puerto Galera


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JK Solar Power house - Puerto Princessa, Palawan

JK Solar Power house - Puerto Princessa, Palawan

Tel: 0906 212 3070


Address: Gabinete Building, National Highway Tiniguiban, Puerto Princessa, Palawan

Projects by JK Solar Power

  • San Vincente Palawan, Residential. 10.4kWp Solar Array | Victron Quattro 10kW, 2 MPPT Solar chargers 150V/85A | 38.kWh Narada battery bank
  • Sulubaai foundation, private Island in Palawan. 1 x Quattro 10kVA inverter/charger | 2 x BlueSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/85 | 1 x BMV-700 Battery Monitor | 1 x Color Control GX | VRM (Victron Remote Management) via the free VRM Portal
  • Shell foundation project in Ligad, North Palawan. 
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