Why Choose Solar Power for your Home or Business?

solar power saves money on electricity bills

Solar Power Reduces Electricity Bills

The Philippines has one of highest electricity rates in Asia. By installing a Solar Power system you can eliminate or significantly reduce your monthly electric utility bill. The cost of electricity from the utility is getting higher every day, and will only continue to rise. But by generating your own power with solar, you can stabilise your cost of electricity and even reduce it's sensitivity to future rate hikes.

solar energy good for the planet

Solar Power is Good For the Planet!

Whether you're committed to helping fight global warming by reducing your own CO2 emmissions, or looking for ways to get control over your increasing utility bill, solar offers a solution with benefits for all.

solar energy increases property value

Solar Power Systems Increase Property Value

Studies have indicated that homes with solar systems sold at a greater price point than homes without such systems. The price premium you will get for the solar system may recoup much of the original capital investment.

solar power business growth

Solar Power is a Smart Business Decision

A solar energy system is a smart option for businesses. Solar panels reduce the amount of electricity coming from fossil fuels, supplying business operations with clean, green and renewable energy. Many business owners, from resorts to heavy industries to retail stores are making the decision to reduce their electricity bills and go solar today.

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